What’s the Best Type of Martial Arts School for Your Family?

Choosing a martial arts program and/or school for you or your child can be a difficult and confusing. This post will cover some basic things to consider when you are shopping around for the best fit.

One needs to think about why he or she wants to get into martial arts. It might be helpful to develop a list of the goals you or your child want to achieve. The next thing is determining the type of martial art that you may want to study. It would be beneficial to do some research on the various forms of martial arts to figure out what would be best for you or your child. But the most important step is visiting various schools in your area. It is probably a good idea to sit in on a class or two to see if it fits your needs. Below are a few questions to consider when visiting schools:

  • Is the practice safe? Are students training in dangerous ways?
  • Is there appropriate supervision?
  • Is the school clean and free from unsafe conditions?
  • Is respect fostered among students and teachers?

Rapport with the instructor is key to success in any program. It will make the student more likely to have a good experience and stick with the program. Most importantly, you want to ensure that yours or your child’s practice is safe and positive! Don’t feel pressured to join just any old school; you need to make sure that you find a school and instructors that are aligned with your needs and goals.

United Martial Arts Center for Health & Well Being (UMAC) offers courses of study in a number of martial arts, including Kung Fu, however, the main focus of our academy is self improvement. Classes are designed to benefit both the mind and the body. UMAC is a leadership-based academy.

United Martial Arts Center for Health & Well Being offers programs in the following martial arts:

  • Kung Fu – Northern Shaolin Long Fist
  • Kung Fu – Southern Hung Gar – Tiger and Crane, Five Animal Forms
  • Weapons: Long Staff, Short Staff (Kali), Single/Double Broadsword, Sword and Shield, Pudao, Nunchaku, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Ribbon and Fan
  • Chen Style Tai Chi
  • Self-defense techniques using Ai Ki Do & Hap Ki Do

All new members are welcome to try their first class free.

By: United Martial Arts Center


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