Stretch It Out

So you’ve scheduled your free introductory lesson at UMAC. Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step on a rewarding journey that will hopefully last a lifetime.

One thing you’re going to want to do before you arrive for your lesson is stretch. Stretching is arguably the single most important and overlooked component of any exercise regimen, including martial arts. Warming up the muscles and loosening up the body will help prevent injury and make you better able to perform the moves smoothly and correctly.

There are a variety of stretching exercises out there, but here are a few general rules when it comes to stretching:

  • stretch your back (upper and lower) first
  • stretch your sides after stretching your back
  • stretch your buttocks before stretching your groin or your hamstrings
  • stretch your calves before stretching your hamstrings
  • stretch your shins before stretching your quadriceps (if you do shin stretches)
  • stretch your arms before stretching your chest

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be ready for your lesson. If you haven’t yet scheduled a free introductory lesson, stretch out your fingers and call us at 978-762-0454. We’ll be ready for you!

By: United Martial Arts Center


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  1. […] couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the proper way to stretch before class. You can read our tips here. Not only will stretching improve your performance while you’re in the studio and prepare your […]

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