Martial Arts Can Help Improve Performance in Other Sports

It is quite common these days that many of our students are involved in a number of activities outside of martial arts. In some cases, students may feel that they need to decide between martial arts and other sports, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, or football, to name a few. However, we at UMAC believe that it shouldn’t be a choice between martial arts and other sports because martial arts can provide myriad physical and mental benefits for students who play other sports. Martial arts can give your child a year-round foundation to help him or her succeed in any sport.

As we have discussed in previous posts, martial arts can help improve flexibility, along with muscle tone, coordination, and cardiovascular health. In addition to the physical benefits, at UMAC, we believe the core tenets of martial arts practice for children are learning leadership skills, improving self-esteem, and learning to maintain focus, which can benefit your child in every activity in which he or she participates.

Our emphasis on the mental focus needed in martial arts practice can help children with self-control and discipline, and help provide them with the self-confidence to thrive in other sports and activities.

Unlike other sports, martial arts does not have a specific season. It is an activity that lasts all year long, providing optimal training benefits for athletic students, and can provide benefits for a lifetime. Additionally, at UMAC, you can participate with your children instead of just being the parent who drops them off and picks them up! We aim to make the image of a martial arts mom very different from the image of a soccer mom or hockey mom.

If you’re interested in learning about our family classes and beginning this rewarding journey with your child, please call us at 978-762-0454 to schedule a free introductory lesson.

By: United Martial Arts Center


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