Teaching Children Empathy

At the United Martial Arts Center, our hopes for our students go beyond just physical fitness. In addition to having healthy bodies, our goal for our students is that they become well-rounded, self-confident individuals with a strong sense of self-discipline and respect for themselves and for other people. These qualities help our students to rely on their inner voices rather than on outside influences when making decisions for themselves or making decisions that involve other people. Part of developing that inner voice is cultivating a high sense of empathy for others, but parents are sometimes unsure of how to teach their children such a complex concept. 

Getting your child involved in some type of community service is a powerful way to help them understand others and sympathize with their difficulties. Acts of compassion, like helping out an elderly neighbor or donating their clothes or toys to needy families, require children to think about the hardships others experience and develop a sense of empathy and gratitude. Any type of volunteer work or contribution to the neighborhood will help your child develop a sense of pride in his or her community and a desire to make the neighborhood a better place.

Community service provides an excellent way for families to spend time together, and so do the family classes at UMAC. Call us today at 978-762-0454 to get involved in our family classes and schedule a free introductory lesson. 

By: United Martial Arts Center


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  1. Instructors need to be teaching empathy in childrens programs because without it we are just like the karate kid, Cobra Ki’s. Lacking morals is something our culture is excelling at and we need to make a change in these children. There really is no better vehicle than the martial arts.

    Community service is such a great idea because the lessons learned in helping someone other than yourself can really build value in their moral character in the future.

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