Instructor Promotion Announced at U.M.A.C

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Donovan to Senior Instructor. Her new title will be Instructor Donovan. She has been training diligently to reach this new goal and we are excited to see her achieve this.

Instructor Donovan first came to the United Martial Arts studio back in November 2004 when she signed her son Philip “Mr. Donovan” up for classes. A few years later she decided to join our Family Martial Arts program in July of 2007 to train with her son Philip and her daughter Brenna. The benefits she has gained from her Martial Arts training are Self Confidence, Inner Strength, Physical Agility & Resilience.

She has consistently attended class to earn her 1st degree Black Belt and become an Assistant Instructor. Although she is no longer required to attend lessons in the Basic program on Monday & Wednesday nights, she still does to keep herself sharp and also humble. She said it helps her to feel more connected to the students. She participates in internship almost daily and loves helping Sifu Anthony teach the children’s program. Future plans include earning 2nd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor.


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  1. Congratulations! (Glad to see that a lot of hard work and commitment pays off!)

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