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Martial arts can do so much for children who commit to the practice, including helping them develop self control, build confidence, improve focus, and strengthen social skills. Studies have shown that children who have the full support of their parents are better able to reach their martial arts goals, and our years of experience have shown that children whose parents become involved in their practice are more likely to stick with it.

At United Martial Arts all of our children’s classes are family classes. We hope that this will make it more convenient for families to train together and will encourage little martial artists to commit to their practice and receive all of the benefits available to them.

To begin our martial arts training, everyone starts the same way by enrolling in our 3 lesson Confidence Course, which includes a martial art uniform. This short intro program will help you find out how Martial Arts training will make sense for your child.

Now here is what will happen during the Confidence Course
At the beginning of the 1st lesson your child will be presented with a white belt that has their name on it. The color “white” represents the beginning of our martial arts program.

It’s during this lesson when your child will be introduced to their new peer group. You’ll find that these students have the same type of goals you have for your child. This creates a positive environment that will keep your child on track to one day become a black belt.

You’ll also find that the parents supporting their kids in class or watching from the lobby all have the same mind set and that is to help their child improve in all areas in their lives.

At the end of the 2nd lesson your child will be presented with one of our achievement stripes on their white belt; this will symbolize two small steps of progression.

1) that your child has demonstrated the attitude at home necessary to become one of our students – that is by showing courtesy and respect to everyone they interact with – family, friends and even people they don’t know yet.

2) for demonstrating a black belt attitude in class by doing their best they will be recognized by their instructor and classmates.

The completion of all 3 lessons will satisfy the requirements of our Confidence Course. As an award for finishing what they started, during the “bow out” of the 3rd lesson, your child will receive a “Certificate of Accomplishment” and be awarded a yellow stripe on their white belt – the yellow colored stripe represents the start of a new day, like the bright yellow sun of dawn, the beginning of a new journey in our martial arts system.

After completing the Confidence Course you will be ready to begin formal training as a fully committed student here in our martial arts academy.

Call us at (978)762-0454 to schedule a complimentary lesson and get started today.


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