10 Reasons why its great to train in the Martial Arts

The time is here. FINALLY the weather is breaking and everyone is going outside to play with their friends. Your children may start to say “I don’t want to go to Karate!” They may complain the whole way to the school. But you know what….once they get there and see their Sifu’s and get on the mat, 99% of the kids will be glad they came. Why? Because they have fun, they learn, and it’s a positive activity. So here are 10 reasons why it’s worth the fight, instead of just giving in and letting them take a break or just quit.

images (1)10 Reasons to Train in the Martial Arts:
1. Confidence-While training in the martial arts, a student’s confidence level will increase as they move up through the ranks. And even after years of being an Instructor and after they quit, that confidence level goes down. We have black belts that have quit, and their parents have all mentioned the same thing “It was the worst thing I ever did, just letting him/her quit martial arts.” The Martial Arts is a life-long activity. When you quit, you will slowly lose all the benefits that took years to develop.

2. Focus– In our school, some of the students have been training for five years or more. That’s five years of learning how to focus with their eyes, mind, and body. These students are Champions. They possess a certain look and sound that other kids just don’t have. Want to see this for your child? Call to make an appointment with Sifu to have your child watch a lesson with student who has already earned their black belt, let them see what they can achieve.

3. Self Discipline– Black Belts are self motivated. Wouldn’t you love for your child to be self- motivated? Here at UMAC, students develop self-discipline before achieving their Black Belts. They will clean their rooms, finish school work, and hold themselves accountable for their actions. This principle is taught primarily in the advances stages of training. Several things in the early stages of training also help teach basic self-discipline, such as learning to tye their belt and waiting quietly on deck before classes start.

4. Self Control– Another key principle taught at U.M.A.C. Students will learn how to control their mind and body through Martial Arts training. By teaching martial arts techniques and forms students learn self control. Students are also taught how to control emotions by participating in events outside of the studio. Sifu Anthony also explains that self control is to be maintained everywhere.

5. Respect- This seems to be the number one reason why parents enroll their children in the Martial Arts. Respect starts as soon as you walk in the door, by bowing. U.M.A.C students learn to respect Sifu and to respect their parents,  andwe teach students that respect is earned not given.

6. Life Skills that are taught only in the DOJO -U.M.A.C. offers something unique – Life Skills Learning. Here at U.M.A.C. we are teaching the following life skills principles on a daily basis: work ethic, learning how to earn, planning, preparing, leadership training, teamwork, how to introduce yourself, how to make decisions based on knowledge not emotion, learning how to grow by reading and constantly expanding the way you think, are just a few of the things that are taught at the studio.

7. Goal setting and getting– Every day we are teaching the children to set a goal, and more importantly we are teaching how to achieve a goal. The belt system is a belts_pagegreat way to show children how to set goals. It’s very important to start with the end in mind. The Ultimate goal of the Martial Arts is the Black-Belt. The only way to make the dream work is through teamwork.

8. Character Development– Through martial arts training we teach students that character is all you have at the end of the day. We teach them that your character is developed, and all the principles on the wall are traits that we want to have in our character, and the only way it can happen is to follow the principles every day. By seeing the Sifu’s as leaders of the community, and taking part in events with the school the students develop a successful character.

9. Leadership– When children get older they can become a member of the Certified Instructor Training (CIT) Program. In this program they can assist with classes, help with birthday parties, and become staff members. During this leadership training process, children learn how to motivate and inspire others. They learn about time management, how to teach focus, how to greet others, public speaking, dealing with challenges, and how to talk to parents and elders. These lessons are invaluable.

10. Black Belt Excellence or Habits-I remember the days before I had earned my Black Belt. Today, I’m a changed person. I never would have accomplished the things I have without  martial arts. I would never see the sky as my limit without the principles I learned and the training I received through the Martial Arts. The Martial Arts create people who are never satisfied until excellence is achieved. Martial Arts has taught me to fight through challenges where most people would have just thrown in the towel. I’m a fighter with a Black Belt Attitude, and I love teaching children what we all need….. to have and edge in life…. and to be a Leader.


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