How to make a New Year resolution


Author: Unknown

I dare to LOVE in each moment
even if I am afraid of being hurt.

I dare to live in TRUST that all is well
even if I feel fear with mounting prophecies to the contrary.

I dare to let go of GUILT for whatever reason
even if it has provided me with a safe haven in which to limit myself.

I dare to let go of SHAME for whatever reason
even if I feel others blame me.

I dare to feel WORTHY
Under all conditions and circumstances.

I dare to SPEAK TRUTH in each moment
even if it may cause temporary chaos.

I dare to be BRILLIANT
even if I am afraid that I might make others jealous.

I dare to be POWERFUL
Even if I am afraid I might misuse this power.

even if I am afraid that it may intimidate.

I dare to be UNIQUELY ME
Even if I am afraid that I might not be accepted.

I dare to be WEALTHY
even if I am afraid that I might lose it all and/or others believe it is not spiritual to be rich.

even if I am afraid that no one will take care of me.

Even if others may threaten me to stop.

I dare to enter the NEXT WORLD joyously
even if I am afraid of the vast void in front of me.

Most of all ….. I dare to GIVE MYSELF back to GOD
Even if I am afraid I might lose myself.

Because losing myself to God makes all the other things
I think I need to DO or BE…obsolete.

We all make promises to improve ourselves at the beginning of each New Year. It has become quite a part of our New Year celebration and 2012 is not going to be an exception.

Although 2011 is still in progress, it is not too early to look forward to 2012. At least we can plan ahead on how we are going to improve ourselves in the next year.

How to make a New Year resolution

Although many of us make a New Year resolution at the beginning of a New Year but we do it more out of a custom than with actual planning. Also, people don’t spare much thought in finding out what he/she will actually like to achieve in the year. Hence, the success rate with New Year resolution is actually poor. Some tips therefore can become handy in making your New Year resolution a success.

Fix your target: What is really important to you? What do you want to achieve in the coming days? Setting your priorities will help you set your New Year’s resolution better.

Make a realistic promise: When we promise, we promise big, without really considering the possibilities of achieving it at the end. This is one of the major causes of higher failure rate with New Year’s resolutions. Hence, make yourself a realistic promise.

Make an optimistic promise: Try and look at the positive side of the promise. Leave the negative ideas aside. Hence, instead of saying that ‘I’ll not be late at my appointments’ say ‘henceforth, I’ll reach everywhere in time’. The positive tone will help you improve your chances of success.

Break down big goals: If you have promised yourself a big thing set small targets at first. Instead of looking at the mammoth task on the whole, taking small steps towards achieving it will help you to reach the target easily.

Develop other habit: We all know that some habits are hard to change. Hence, the best way to change an old habit is by developing other engagement. If you have decided to quit smoking, find another engagement which will relax you and will take your mind away from smoking.


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